"Should I get a balance bike?"

In this article I am going to discuss some of the reasons why you should buy balance bikes in Canada:
1. These bikes let children ride without having to worry about falling. They don't have to worry about tricycle pedals either. Instead of having to learn how to pedal, they only need to focus on learning how to balance. And when they progress to pedals, they already know how to balance. The biggest benefit with this is that the kids don't have to go through a phase where they ride using training wheels at all. The chances of them falling is quite low as well.
2. There is no hiding the fact that outdoor activities & increased exercise will definitely ensure you lead a healthy lifestyle and have improved health. Children who spend more time outdoors than indoors are most likely going to continue leading a healthy lifestyle for years to come.
3. Balance bikes are very versatile as well. Training wheels are of no use if you are riding on gravel or on uneven surfaces. There are a lot of inflatable tire options for you to choose from as well. Kids don't take too long to learn for to ride on various surfaces as well. This means your kids will be able to ride their bikes even when you are at the park or out camping.
4. One more advantage of these bikes is that they will help your kid learn to ride regular bikes faster. They don't have to go through the whole training wheel phase altogether. This means that when they get on a pedal bike, they are actually ready to cycle.
5. Balance bikes make it a lot easier for a kid to ride a bike and this helps building their confidence as well. Confidence is very good and important for kids isn't it? The more confident your kids are, the better their chances of leading successful lives.
6. You may also think that balance bikes, especially cute ones like a princess balance bike are more expensive as compared to tricycles. This is not really true. When you teach your kid how to ride on a tricycle, you will obviously have to get them a regular bike later. With balance bikes, you will not have to go through this phase and can directly get your kid a regular cycle. So is it really that much more expensive?
So now that you know some of the reasons why you should go for balance bikes instead of any other type of bikes, what are you waiting for? Buy a balance bike for your kid today.